Monday, August 22, 2011


Today my class went to the Suter Art gallery. At the Suter Art gallery we looked at lots of pictures. We did some art as well. We drew shapes and lines on a piece of paper. We cut out the shape of a cloud and stuck it on our drawings. Then we had to draw a picture of something real we had seen at the Suter Art Gallery. I wish we could go there again.
By Ben

Today Room 14 went to the Suter Art Gallery. Our group thought the spotty picture was the best. We had to draw our own picture. A girl made lamps and the name of it was ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’, the same name as New Zealand. We had pastels to draw patterns and then we used coloured paper. We had to chose cards and people had different cards. The best part was art.
By Kayla

Today the class went to the Suter Art Gallery. When we got there we put cards under art stuff. We put down cards that said ‘Yuck!’, ‘Ha ha’, ‘The one you would like in your house’, ‘The that you think would be worth the most money’ and ‘The one that you think would win in an art competition’. We did sketching of shapes, lines, patterns, light and dark.
By Matthew

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  1. Fiona and Room 324.8.11

    Hi Room 14,
    I really enjoyed reading your writing about your visit to The Suter exhibit 'Something Borrowed'. Room 3 went too. You might have seen our artworks like yours on the wall of our classroom.
    We liked having you visit us on Wednesday, maybe we could do some art together sometime!
    Please visit us again soon :)