Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We are learning to write a NARRATIVE.
Our narrative will have:
* Orientation
* Problem
* Events
* Resolution
* Ending

The Cute Puppy.
Once upon a time there was a cute puppy. She was lonely. So she thought to find a friend. A little girl lived in the forest and the dog was close. The girl looked out of her window. She saw a dog running super fast. The dog was so fast that she ran into her room. The dog was so cute that she kissed it. “Thank you!” You said “Thank you.” “Yes, I did!” The girl hid. The dog sniffed but it didn’t find the dog. The girl laughed. The dog ran around. Then the dog said “I don’t have an owner.” “Oh that’s sad!” “Do you want me to be your owner?” “Yes please.” “Okay, if you want.” Then they went for a walk. But a dragon came and fire breathed on the bridge. It fell in the water. They went away. A boat was in the water and they went ashore and lived happily ever after.
By Kayla.

The Incredible Hulk and the Boomer Masher.
The Boomer Masher smashed the Incredible Hulk. Then the Incredible Hulk grabbed the Boomer Masher by the leg and smashed him into a building. Then the Incredible Hulk smashed the Boomer Masher into three buildings. Next the Boomer Masher said “Okay, I give up!” The Incredible Hulk went to a wrestling contest and he won and he won the gold medal.
By Willem.

Mum please can I go to Candy Land?
Once upon a time there was a little girl called Rosetta, who lived in a little house with her mother and father but they were mean. One day her mother and father were so, so mean that Rosetta felt like running away. She didn’t because her mum did not let her. Rosetta’s mum and dad didn’t even notice they had a daughter. They were so busy thinking about themselves. What Rosetta really wanted was to see Candy Land. Her mum always said no Rosetta no. Rosetta was very scared but the dragon was nice. The nice dragon said “Rosetta.” Rosetta had never seen a dragon that was nice before and she was very scared. The dragon said “Don’t be afraid, I’m nice.” The dragon asked Rosetta what she wanted. Rosetta said “I really want to go to Candy Land!” So the dragon took her. A bat swooped down and grabbed Rosetta. “Aaaaa” she said. The bat took Rosetta to his cave. It was nothing but a small door. “What’s in there?” said Rosetta. “It’s a secret” he said. “Oh, please?” “Okay” the bat said. So she went in. “Wow!” she was amazed. It was Candy Land. “Yaa, yaa!” she said. Rosetta ate too much candy and turned into Candy Girl and the dragon killed her mother and father. Candy Girl lived happily ever after.
By Paige.

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