Monday, June 27, 2011


Room 14 have entered a competition to show why our school is cool. We have made movies that show why we think Nelson Central School is the coolest!
Working in groups we drew storyboards to get our ideas down. Then we took photos and did voice recordings. We worked with Helen and Tania to make a movie, put in transitions and credits.

You can find all of the movies at this site, check them out and leave a comment!


Thursday, June 9, 2011


With all of the rain we have been having the river is huge, swollen and raging. Room 14 have written some poems about the raging river.

We are learning to use language features in our writing: Alliteration; Similes; Onomatopoeia, Adjectives

Tumbling, dirty river. Rolling river flushing into the windy sea. Crashing into the big, bumpy, mad rocks. Pushing into the sea, bashing into the banks. The cranky river is terrifying.
By Willem

The dark, deep, cold river is splashing
with big deep waves. Drowning the
big flax in the river.
By Payton

Check out our writing blog for more great examples!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wacky Hat Day

Hats, hats , hats. Fascinating, fabulous, funny. Hats here, hats there, hats everywhere! Some are red, some are blue, some are colourful too. Outstanding hats roam the area. Some are tall, some are small, some are medium. Shiny, sparkly, fluffy. Beautiful and awesome. I like hats!

By Kayla (Rm 14) and  Saffron  (Rm 3)