Monday, March 28, 2011

Our new garden

Pohutukawa Syndicate and Te Pouahi have got a new garden. Peter helped some children from our classes plant some different plants into the ground. We have swan plants so we get more butterflies by our classrooms.

 Ben, James and Charlotte watering the plants.

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  1. Anonymous29.3.11

    Hi Room 14! I am so excited about your garden. I love to grow plants. I am a little worried about your swan plants though... Do you know that we had monarch caterpillars in our classroom last year? We had too many and there was not enough food on the plants for them. The caterpillars ended up having to eat pumpkin! I wonder if the weather will get too cold for the caterpillars?
    You must show your garden to your Room 3 buddies!
    See you on Friday!