Thursday, March 17, 2011


Room 14 were very lucky to be invited to the Nelson Museum. Imogen taught us all about fossils. We got to hold, sort, learn about and even MAKE fossils.
A big thanks to Imogen and all of the adults that came along and helped out.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous19.3.11

    Hello ex Room 10 folk and the rest of Room 14
    I have been reading your stories and they are great. It was nice to read about your Purple Cupcake Day to raise money for the people affected by the earthquakes in Haiti and Christchurch.
    The Christchurch earthquakes have been scary. When the 6.3 quake happened I was in the staff room at school and had to hang onto the wall so I didn't fall over. Then we sat on the field until all the parents came to pick the children up. We had 3 weeks off school because our school was damaged. The Senior school has had to move to another school while their classrooms are being fixed.
    It was nice that Nelson Central School looked after Christchurch children while they couldn't go to their own schools.
    Keep working hard - I will check your stories again.
    Teresa - 2009 Room 10 teacher